The Isley Brothers Concert Tickets

If you want to start off the new year correct, then you must see The Isley Brothers.  They will have a few shows in January 2017.  One thing though…..You either have to be in New York, Rhode Island, or Primm, Nevada.  Primm is about 35 miles south of Las Vegas.  They have a nice venue for concerts, just in case you were wondering.

This is a group that has crossed generations with their songs.  So many hits.  It is hard for me to choose just one……Actually I can.  As far as I am concerned, Between The Sheets is one of the top five slow jams of all time.

You do not have to agree, but you have to admit the song is too fly!!

The Isley Brothers Concert TicketsWhen I write these blogs, I usually play a few songs from the artist….to get in the mood.  Right now Caravan of Love is playing.

“Every woman every man, join the caravan of love

Stand up

Stand up

Stand up”

That is actually from Isley Jasper Isley – The younger members of the Isley clan.  Fun fact:  Chris Jasper (whose sister was married to Rudolph Isley) was a major contributor of the Isley Brothers sound in the 70’s and 80’s.

Here is the rest of my playlist for this blog:

Choosey Lover

Insatiable Woman

Between The Sheets

Don’t Say Goodnight

Footsteps In The Dark

Harvest To The World

You know you are talented when you can create slow jams like those, while also giving us the uptempo tracks:

Fight The Power


That Lady

Twist & Shout

Shout is probably their most famous song.  There are a lot of people who do not know the Isley Brothers, but if you go to any wedding reception, EVERYONE will get up and do their thing and sing along when it is played.

A little bit softer now….A little bit softer now….A little bit softer now

A little bit louder now…A little bit louder now…A little bit louder now

You know what I am talking about!!!

I mentioned Harvest To The World….Vanessa Williams did a great version of that on her Everlasting Love album.  Check it out when you have some time.

The concert dates are as follows:

January 13 – Lincoln, RI

January 14 – New York, NY

January 15 – Westbury, NY

January 21 – Primm, NV

Grab your The Isley Brothers Concert Tickets and go reminisce to your favorite songs.

Let’s go under the covers with Isley originals and Sexy covers:


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