Kem Valentine’s Weekend Celebration

Kem Valentine's Weekend CelebrationThe people of Atlanta will have a special treat on Valentine’s weekend.  February 11th to be exact. An evening of crooning will be in order as Kem, Robin Thicke and Jeffrey Osborne will hit the stage at the Atlanta Fox Theatre.

Kem has been giving us those melodic slow jams since 2002.  Kemistry was the name of the first album, and it contains one of my favorites, Love Calls.  I came across the track by accident.  It was on one of the demo CDs that received from the DJ pools.  I listened, and I was like, we may have something here!

Album II was released in 2005, and you get more of the smooth grooves.  A couple of the standouts include Find Your Way and I Can’t Stop Loving You.

Intimacy is the album where we hear Kem try out some different musical stylings.  With tracks like Can You Feel It, Golden Days, and one of my favorites, If It’s Love, you can definitely hear the growth of an artist.

I like to call him the modern day Al Jarreau.

Promise To Love is packed with wall-to-wall hits.  It includes the remake Downtown, with Snoop dropping by for a cameo.

Robin Thicke is also on the bill.  Talk about a falsetto!  You can hear his vocal prowess on songs like Lost Without U and You’re My Baby.  How about the smooth funky jams like Magic and Got 2 be Down?

What can you say about Jeffrey Osborne?  So many hits over the years.  He can sing the phonebook and it would be entertaining.

Well, like we said, February 11th in Atlanta.  Get your tickets for the show.

Kem Valentine’s Weekend Celebration

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