Mother’s Day R&B Festivals 2017

I know it is only January, but it is never too early to start making your Mother’s Day plans, right?  Especially if you are in the New York/New Jersey area.  There are two HUGE R&B shows that we will focus on.

Mother’s Day Good Music Fest

The first one is the Mother’s Day Good Music Festival, and it will be happening one Friday, May 12th.  The scene will be the Barclay’s Center.  This is the second annual event, so it looks like this will be a yearly occurrence.

This year’s lineup includes:


  • Tyrese

  • Anthony Hamilton

  • Kem

  • Brandy

  • MAJOR.

Mother's Day R&B Festivals 2017

Showtime is 8pm, and tickets are on sale right now.  If you want to make a group outing, you can also purchase a suite for the show.  

Just click here for tickets.

Click here if you are interested in the suites.



Mother’s Day Music Festival

On Saturday, May 13th, the scene moves over to the Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall where the music will go on for a second night.  Kem is actually the only holdover from the previous night, as there is a fresh lineup.


Mother's Day Music Festival

Showtime is 7pm.  Click here to look for tickets.

Hey New Yorkers – Which show will you attend?  That is a good question.  You could always go to both.  Is your Mother worth that?

Mother’s Day R&B Festivals 2017

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